Products and Services

A big portfolio with a wide range of investment choices

Our clients have access to a wide range of equity products (shares and ETFs), fixed income securities and investment funds.

A wide-ranging investment model

We have a universe of more than 9,000 domestic and international funds handled by the main fund managers that our clients can compare against each other at any time. This investment universe can be accessed from our search engine.

A framework that delivers great flexibility

The huge range of funds enables you to choose the option that best suits you and gives you freedom in accessing alternative investments. This is because one of our objectives is to provide our clients with worthwhile investment opportunities.

Insurance and pension plans

At the Caser Group we are experts in made-to-measure products that we set up with the assistance of our top managers. This is the only way we are able to offer our clients exclusive investment choices endorsed by long-standing experience.

Savings insurance

Unit-Linked, life insurance savings plans invest in alternative schemes with flexible contributions. We provide a range of unit-linked portfolios with different investment targets.

PIAS UL, is an individual systematic savings plan whose purpose is to build up capital for retirement by obtaining maximum returns. The capital invested can be drawn down at any time. The biggest advantage of this product is its tax scheme that makes it possible to turn the capital into life annuity on expiry and, if the term of the policy is less than 5 years, tax is not paid on the returns generated until the annuity is claimed.

Pension plans

Our pension plans have excellent tax rates and their flexibility makes it possible to choose or change the amount paid in. We have a wide range of pension plans with different investment approaches and styles, namely, the traditional range of fixed and variable income products, life-cycle funds, customised pension plans, whose investment is indexed based on the value investing philosophy, and made-to-measure pension plans, for all of which we give our clients advice.